"Home to a Better Mortgage Experience"
is our motto because we believe our corporate culture, our work ethic and our end results set us apart. Our core values include Integrity (we adhere to a moral and ethical code), Excellence (we go above and beyond all that we do) and Infinite Worth (we treat every person with the utmost respect).




Meet Jim

Meet Jim Galas

Jim is an experienced lending professional who consistently provides the best mortgage experience to every client. He does this by being accessible, responsive, informative and by offering the best in rates, fees and overall service. Jim is a First-Time Home Buying specialist who also provides special programs to our Veterans, First Responders, Medical Professionals and Teachers.

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"Home to a Better Mortgage Experience" is our motto.

When you contact Jim Galas at jimgalas@compmort.com you're starting on the path to the home of your dreams!

Get a $500 credit on your Closing Cost!

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